Release Date: 18.Nov.2016

Life Off Formation deals with countless psychological, interpersonal and social depths of human nature. This is a great place to understand the lyrics of each song. The title "Life Off Formation" is both an invitation to recognize this world of ruins in the mirror of HUMAN DEBRIS and explore, as well as the promise that this work is only the beginning ...

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Recorded at:

"Hell Sounds Tonstudio", Neu Brenz, December 2015

Produced by:

Sebastian Jensen, Daniel Hauschild, Ronny Nolpa

Mastering by:

Gernhart Studio by Martin Buchwalter

Booklet Artwork:

Nathalie G.

Line Up:

Elena Cor Tauri - Main Vocals
Sebastian Jensen - Guitars, Additional Vocals, Orchestral Arrangements, Backing Vocals
Sebastian Lund - Guitars
Ken Jentzen - Drums, Additional Vocals, Backing Vocals
Alexander Goettsche - Bass Guitar