Sebastian J.

Raised on the classics of Heavy Metal, S.E.B. very early attached to the guitar. The musical multi-talent also gives HUMAN DEBRIS versatile vocals. When not forging riffs and melodies, the trained race driver can be found behind the wheel of various vehicles.

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Ken J.

Compared to this whirlwind behind the drums the Duracell bunny is very lame indeed. Eyewitnesses report that both women and men lost consciousness due to arousal when experiencing so much raw sexual energy. HUMAN DEBRIS owes him the complex rhythmic foundation.

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Sebastian L.

is a guitarist and songwriter for various bands for over 10 years now and over that time a friend of Ken and Seb. Some might know him from past projects like "Whoreship" or "Only Death Decides" – but probably rather with the band called "Exit Smashed", in which, among others, he forms a musical unit with Ken.


Alexander G.

Alex is the little chap of the band but has nevertheless more than a decade of musical experience.
Besides HD he plays in his side-project as guitarist, organizes festivals and concerts and works as a music-journalist.