Introductional Video (European Metal Channel - 2016)

Human Debris is a Melodic Death Metal Band from Hamburg/Germany established in the year 2000.

  • Members of HUMAN DEBRIS played amongst others in SuidAkrA and Only Death Decides
  • More than 150 concerts in more than a dozen countries where played by the members, including with Saxon, Alestorm, Tyr, Forbidden, Skinless, Facebreaker, Evocation, Madball, Dredg, Ensiferum, Tryptikon, Winter Storm, Anvil, Orphaned Land, Rebattered, Vader and many more...

Band Info

For more than a decade, HUMAN DEBRIS from Hamburg/Germany have been at home on stage and during this time they have gained national and international experience and success. The band went through various highs and lows in their history, but nothing could stop HUMAN DEBRIS.
With their latest album "Life Off Formation" HUMAN DEBRIS have once again taken a path that has surprised and impressed many listeners. With Elena Cor Tauri on the lead vocals the 4 guys found a talented female that represents the band from now on. This accompanied by the bands unrivaled nature and attitude to remain true to their roots, yet at the same time reinvent themselves for each song to create a unique mix, is what makes HUMAN DEBRIS so special

Band Concept

During these days where several Melodic Death Metal bands sprout from the ground and try to copy bands such as Dark Tranquility, Arch Enemy or Insomnium, HUMAN DEBRIS remained true to their roots and own way of music. The transitions between the genres are hardly existent so their variation of Melodic Death Metals includes numerous influences from Thrash, Folk as well as Technical Death Metal and Progressive Metal.